Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Time

“It's ironic that in our culture, everyone's biggest complaint is about not having enough time; yet nothing terrifies us more than the thought of eternity.”  - Dennis Miller

I'm getting quite a few comments about taking up to three weeks to make the trip.  I was impressed with myself just for having three weeks vacation to take until I spoke with a friend who has seven weeks this year.  I can't imagine that.  At my job, I have a quota to bill time against client accounts.  Of course that quota doesn't take into account vacation time and holidays.  Some of my peers have five or six weeks vacation and I can't imagine how they take it all and still meet their quota.  It's like the company gives us all this vacation and then dares us to take it.  But I digress...

The counter on the upper right of this blog is counting down to June 18th, 2011.  I've already scheduled the vacation time off.  I pick and choose the projects I work, so embarking on the the trip on that date should be doable.  I'll be slammed with work and other projects from now till then.  Trust me, Ray Charles' dart board has more holes in it than my day planner does.  I'll take no vacation from January to June 18th, and then none from July to December.  Fortunately, I have five or six floating holidays (I call "sanity days") outside the compulsory Federal holidays many of us get.  I know the anticipation of the trip itself will see me from January to June.  I'm counting on the experience and the memories therein to get me through the rest of the year.