Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thoughts on Obama & Osama

America and many around the world are ecstatic about Osama's death.  The self-proclaimed "strong horse" is now the dead horse.

I find it interesting that there is no assassination outcry and demands for a fair trial from ilk like Michael Moore and the liberal media.  Eric Holder surely would have wanted him tried in New York City.  Assassination is the proper word here.  Osama was shot in the eye, which means he was capturable.  This was clearly an assassination order as no commander would risk his troop taking punitive heat for a kill if President Obama wanted him alive.

People ask why this never happened under President Bush and it did so fast for President Obama.  Perhaps it was because the New York Times stopped publicizing leaked covert operations after President Bush left office.  I can only imagine the outcry from the progressive movement if this action had been carried out under President Bush, so maybe this is best this way.

We all know the current administration's claims to inheriting the fiscal crisis our country currently faces. I find it interesting that no one in the Obama administration admits to inheriting the intelligence information gained by waterboarding Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in Guantanamo Bay; the same Guantanamo Bay that President Obama swore to close down over three years ago.  Regardless, credit goes to Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama for making a decision; especially when the last democrat president who attempted a covert desert operation was humiliated and hustled out of office in the next general election.  There is a part of me however, who can't resist correlating this action with the fact that Obama's approval ratings are in the toilet in every other possible category.  Where is the praise for General Petraeus and his staff?

I for one am very proud that it was an American who got the kill.  Imagine the rush that Seal Team member experienced when he looked at Bin Laden's left eye though the cross hairs immediately before he pulled the trigger. Someday we'll find out who this hero was and if he cashes in and advertises some product, I'm buying.

I also find it odd that for several months, Osama lived in the largest compound in hundreds of miles that sported 18 foot high walls and was surrounded by a community of retired Pakistani military officers.  Are we supposed to believe the Pakistani government didn't know he was there?  Rest assured, Pakistan is pissed that a foreign power entered their territory and conducted an assassination operation. Given President Obama's nature of being an apologist to the rest of the world, I'm surprised he authorized it.  I'm just glad he did.

Bin Laden's ceremonial burial at sea was, in my mind, an exercise in politically correct sensitivity.  If Obama had any real economic sense, he would have had the body flown to the US for a stone throwing tour.  We could probably wipe the deficit clean with the money Americans would pay to throw a pork soaked rock at Bin Laden's corpse.  Nevertheless, I hope Bin Laden enjoys his 70 virgins.