Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Movie! It's Coming!

Not the Alaskapade! film.  I'm referring to Atlas Shrugged Part 1.  Appropriately enough, the release date is April 15th. I'm excited about this film on many levels.  I am an avid reader of Ayn Rand's literature and I subscribe to the Objectivist philosophy.  Seeing her seminal work produced in a film worthy of her intentions is very exciting to me. I'm also excited about the negative press the mere existence of the film will generate from people who know nothing about Rand, her philosophy, or the Atlas Shrugged story itself.

I suspect close-minded liberals will be offended the most.  Note that I wrote "close-minded" liberals. I have many politically liberal friends who actually think for themselves.  The liberals I refer to above are the narrow-minded types who refuse to even try to see both sides of an issue before they judge and react.

That said, nothing offends that type of liberal like being forced to look into a mirror and realize for themselves what thinking people have known about them all along.  The mass media will probably trash the film having never even seen it.  Indeed, some of my friends and readers here will probably do the same.  After all, why be burdened the facts?  Many of the uninformed tend to corral Rand into the Republican Party or even worse, that bastion of racist renegades known as the Tea Party.  Rest assured that Rand thought less of the Republican Party than even I do.

Close-minded people always interest me.  I mean, I saw Michael Moore's films.  I watch CNN, CNBC, and Fox News.  I watch Bill Maher and John Stewart now and then.  I even saw Mel Gibson's 2-1/2 hour snuff flick about the death of Jesus.  Unlike most liberals and some conservatives, I am confident enough in my own beliefs to be able to listen to, watch, and ponder  the views of those with whom I philosophically disagree.  I'd like to think that there are liberals who are equally confident, I just haven't met many of them.

Liberal, conservative, libertarian, or whatever; check out the web site for the film, watch the trailers, and go see the movie when it's released in April.  I know that few things embolden me like studying competent work of those with whom I rarely agree and still maintaining the opinion I had before. I rarely read the works of political/philosophical opponents with the expectation of having my thought processes changed.  I read them to know how these people think and if nothing else, strengthen my own argument when the opportunity to debate them arises.  So if you're a Rand hater having read her work or not, accept the challenge and see the movie.  Then hit me up and let's talk about it.  I'm game. Are you?

Like many films of this nature, the initial release is limited.  It may never gain nationwide distribution if certain people have their way.  I suspect it will however, much to the chagrin of the Hollywood elite and the liberal media.