Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Video - Finally!

First, MAJOR kudos go to my friend Nancy at HPR Graphics and OutLoud Signs for her technical prowess, creative input, and countless hours spent with me putting this together.  If you liked Hester's graphics as seen on the blog and in this video, Give HPR Graphics a shout. 

A couple of quick notes before you view it:
The video is long; 80 minutes long.  Hell, the journey was long.  Yes, it's possible to cut it up into segments in the future but for now, this is what you get.  Technically speaking, the production is far from perfect.  I'm a hack at writing and have even weaker video production skills.  The footage I collected was very raw and took extensive effort to render usable, coherent footage.  Were it not for Nancy's assistance, persistence and patience, the production wouldn't be what it is now.

Even with my paid Vimeo Plus account, I cannot guarantee the speed at which the video might stream or download.  If you have severe issues and/or want a higher quality DVD copy, drop me a line and I'll make arrangements to send you one.  I'm not seeking profit, but understand that I have to cover my shipping cost.

This video culminates eight months of planning and three weeks of my life into a little more than an hour.  I poked fun at myself and took a few editing liberties, but the scenery, the photos, the video imagery, and especially the emotion are 100% genuine.  The video will never fully illustrate the life-changing - dare I say cathartic impact this journey had on me.  I hope however, that it might inspire viewers to seize the opportunity to chase and realize their own dream; whatever that dream might be.

Finally, if you haven't read the trip blog and the planning entries that preceded it, you might find those both entertaining and insightful.

I hope you enjoy the Alaskapade! 2011 video as much as I enjoyed the Alaskapade itself.

If the playback through this page is too slow, try linking to the Vimeo host site directly via the link: Direct Link to Video on Vimeo.com