Saturday, October 9, 2010

Compadres or Solo?

I have two riding buddies from Dallas talking as if they want to come along on the trip. Honestly, I have mixed emotions here.  There are pros and cons to both sides.  Riding alone means I don't have to wait for anyone.  I ride my own schedule on my own terms.  I stop when I want and ride as fast or as slow as I feel.  I don't get delayed by someone else's sore butt or given crap because my butt is too sore to continue on.

Of course, there is a flip side.  Sharing the scenery and the memories with friends is invaluable. Having buddies to rag on, to talk to, eat dinner with, and to watch my back does have its benefits.  I see pictures of groups of guys all leathered up, smiling ear-to-ear next to their bikes with a mountain range and a river behind them and I start to think a group ride would be more fun. It also makes me think about beer. When I think further of possibly camping in bear country, there's a whole other level of security concern that riding in a group would address.  I know I can't outrun a bear, but I'm confident I can outrun these two!

Both are discussing the trip with their wives.  I won't be so callus as to say they're "asking permission".  Taking up to 24 days away from home for something like this is very selfish. In my case, I get three weeks vacation from my job and an additional five floating holidays outside the usual Federal holidays.  Still, being gone so long from the ones you love and who love you is asking a great deal from them; especially in my case when I travel for work almost every week of the year.
Hester Ready to Roll - Colorado 2010
The invitation is open and honestly, I'd be proud to ride with anyone who wants to make the trip with me.  Somehow though, I suspect when the rubber hits the road, it'll be just two wheels and they'll be carrying Hester and myself.