Friday, March 18, 2011

Down 30

I weighed in today at 210 pounds; down thirty from when I first stepped on the scale on December 26th last year.  My goal is still forty/200, but I'm thinking now that I'll surpass that.

To the degree that this could be called a success, I attribute it to one thing: discipline.  I've always been very disciplined in my career and personal aspirations and anyone who knows me knows that when I get into something, I really get  into it.  Some might even say I get obsessive.  I like to think I'm just highly motivated.  

I've been applying the same discipline that I apply for work to my conditioning.  I give my job everything I have. I sweat the details and do everything I can to exceed my clients' and co-workers' expectations.  My diet has been low carb, no sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. My table portions have shrunk to almost half; albeit not consciously.  It's just that my appetite is shrinking along with my gut.  My workout regimen has been strictly cardio since I started and will continue that way until April. I'll start weight training again sometime in April, but I'm aware that the weight loss will drop dramatically once the muscle comes back.

The trick for me has been consistency.  I work out five to six times per week regardless of where I am. I've also found that I can eat right no matter what restaurant I wind up in with my co-workers when I'm on the road on business.  I used to make excuses like "this hotel gym doesn't have my machine" or "I can't eat right at this restaurant, so I may as well indulge."  I've found that I can burn calories and get my heart rate up anywhere and If I can find a low carb, no sugar meal and manage to eat right at Flaco's Tacos with the guys in Chicago, then I can do so anywhere.  My crazy work schedule notwithstanding, I can find an hour to go somewhere and work out 24 hours a day.  I have no excuses.

I apologize if this post comes across as tooting my own horn.  Actually, no; I don't.  I'm proud of myself and I'm motivated to see where I wind up come June.  Maybe I'm just lucky as some say.  Nevertheless, I promised an update when I hit 210 pounds, so here it is.  The jeans I'm wearing in the pic below on the right are a size 38.  I bought them new in October and they were snug around the waist. These days, I'm digging out my size 34 pants and shorts from of the corner of my closet and wearing them comfortably.  An added bonus is that it's been so long that some of my clothes are back in fashion again!  Regardless, I'll hang on to my fat clothes.  Lord knows I'll probably get fat again.  I just hope it's long enough from now that they too will be back in fashion.

Taken 3/18/11 - Not svelte, but no longer the fattest guy in the room