Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bucket List? Really?

No, it isn't. I'm not a bucket list kind of guy, but I did enjoy that movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  It's possible that the list of stuff I've already done is probably longer than most people's bucket list. It's certainly longer than mine; that is, if I had one.  I don't; really.

Some of the events in my life would be lame by some other peoples' standards. But, compared to most of the people I personally know, It would be like comparing a stamp collector to a sky diver.
  • Been a husband, a dad, and now a grandfather
  • Witnessed the birth of both of my sons
  • Watched my kids graduate high school and my oldest son graduate college
  • Served my Country in the Air Force
  • Watched my youngest son graduate Air Force boot camp and become a 3rd generation Airman
  • Been sky diving - both military and for sport
  • Completed military prison camp and SERE training
  • Survived a plane crash with two other Airmen
    - Four others on board weren't so fortunate
  • Flew in an RF-4C reconnaissance jet as well as in a two-seater F-16, F-15, and an F-111
  • Played drums with my band in front of 2,000+ people
  • Bungee Jumped180 feet over concrete
  • Rode and finished two 150 mile bicycle races
  • Fell in love twice
  • Free fell from 160 feet into a net (intentionally)
  • Became a successful Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Recorded two CDs with my band Code Blue
    - One of them almost went Aluminum!
  • Raced Motocross, Cross Country, and Enduro
    - My sons and I all won state championships in our respective Enduro classes in 1999.
  • Earned a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do
  • Bought my first home when I was 22 years old
  • Started and ran three successful businesses
  • Entered a kickboxing tournament (got my ass kicked)
  • Set am AFI-certified world record in model rocketry payload lofting when I was 14
  • Met President Reagan and Vice President Bush
  • Climbed to the crown room in the Statue of Liberty
  • Was beaten and thrown in jail in Spain for taking a photo of a Guardia Civil officer
    - Released the next day
  • Rode my Harley 2,300 miles in 2.5 days
  • Saw Nolan Ryan throw a no-hitter in Oakland
  • Crossed Death Valley on a motorcycle - in August
  • Rappelled from a helicopter
  • Broke more bones than I can count
    - A dubious accomplishment from time spent on dirt bikes and in martial arts
  • Went to Tempe, AZ for Superbowl XXX - Cowboys vs. Steelers
  • Caught a home run ball at a Texas Rangers baseball game
    - Visitor run; threw it back
  • Had Dallas Cowboys season tickets at Texas Stadium
  • SCUBA dived day and night and in various sunken wrecks
Still want to do (but have not placed into a bucket list):
Ride my Harley to the Arctic Circle
Drive a rail dragster
Drive a NASCAR
Hang Glide
Fly a helicopter
Become a licensed pilot
Climb Mount Everest

People have asked me and honestly, I've asked myself what I will have to look forward to after the Alaskapade.  Truthfully, I'm not sure but I'm confident something will come along that will capture my imagination. In the mean time, I'll continue to obsessively look forward to the Alaskapade.