Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pearls and Swine

Some people just have no sense of humor.  Apparently I’ve offended someone at Google AdSense because they cut me off last week.  I received an email from them notifying me that they had deleted my AdSense account and that there would be no more ads on my blog pages.  They didn’t just not give me a reason; they actually stated in the email that they were not giving me a reason.  They also stated that the $200 in ad revenue I earned over the previous two weeks would not be paid to me.

The notice came almost immediately after I posted an account of my visit to the REI camping store in Dallas.  If you haven’t read it, I’ll summarize here for perspective.  If you already have, pardon the history lesson and skip to the next paragraph. The entry detailed my encounter with an REI sales person named Zach. I commented on his attire and on the relatively left wing political nature of the bumper stickers adorning the vehicles in the REI parking lot.  I do not believe my statements were mean spirited, nor were they insulting.  I simply attempted to put a humorous spin on the things I observed. 

Welcome to all of you who skipped to this paragraph.  A few days after my post, I received an email from someone claiming to know Zach who expressed major displeasure with my article and stated that it was their goal to have my blog account deleted. The email droned on about the perils of global warming and how REI and their customers were among those fighting at the front lines in the effort to save our planet from people like myself.  I’m not going to get off track here and express in detail my views on the Global Warming hoax because this sentence alone makes my opinion clear.

The interesting part of all this is that “Zach” was just a pseudonym for the real sales person. I would never go on line and smear someone’s name simply he acted like a tree-hugging pansy and dressed like a douche.  I stated in that entry that he offered me great insight into the products I was seeking for my trip and even told me how to save significant coin when I do buy.  So, the writer clearly had an agenda against my take on what I call the “eco-Nazi” movement, meat, or maybe they just really love the Lilith Fair.  Nevertheless, in a spineless move typical of eco-Nazi fashion, someone in position to screw people over screwed me over without even having the balls to tell me why.  I never clicked the ads on my pages.  I played by the rules and used various Internet forums I frequent to drive traffic to my blog page. Honestly, I am as surprised at Google’s actions as I am that people actually read the crap I write.

I suppose it serves me right for attempting to earn gas money for my Alaskapade trip off of the things I write. That said, if the pearls I tossed are the words I wrote, then perhaps Google AdSense is the swine and they just didn't get it. If none of this makes a lick of sense to you, do a search on “pearls and swine”.  In fact, just Google it.  Why be as spiteful as they are?