Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time is a Double Edged Sword

As of this writing, I have 239 days till my trip.  The great part about this is that I have eight months to prepare and work out the logistics.  The bad news is I have eight months to wait before I can go.

I've considered so many in-bound and out-bound routes that I bet Google Maps wants to start charging me for bandwidth consumption.  My in-bound route is pretty much set and validated by others who have made the trip. I don't want to ride the same path back that I rode out, although to a certain degree 'll have to.  I'm thinking after the Circle, I'll head back on the Alaska Highway and then south near Watson Lake to Prince George, passing through Jasper National Park in Alberta.  From there, riding west to east across Canada is appealing.  I can ride to Regina Saskatchewan and then south to Sturgis and Dallas. I want to see Sturgis and its surroundings, but not during the Rally mayhem.

This return route makes sense.  At least it does today.  I have 239 days to change my mind. 

Sorry Google.